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Today I weigh 157.8 Slowly but surely we are making process.
Nay :)

Postpartum… Will I ever feel like myself again?

Will I ever feel human again? Hello beautiful mama, especially if your are a first time mom! Congratulations Welcome all mommies who have already been threw this. I personally want…

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Life is short. Live passionately.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack

Fisher Price Diaper back pack, I choose to buy. My son recently turned four months old. Before deciding to invest in a diaper bag I was using a normal small…

Baby Eating Schedule. Why is it important?

 My babies feeding schedule- When should my baby go on schedule? Is it too soon to start? What will other parents think of me? Is it healthy for my baby…

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Life is too wonderful, too full, too short and strength too limited to contain its wonder.
Ruth Draper