A little about me..

Ask the Secret Sister

Hello! My name is Nay, and I welcome you to Ask the Secret Sister blog. I am 23 years old currently living in Arizona. I am a young loving mother of a handsome baby boy named Alexander. He was born on November 2016. My life has changed ever since the first day I meet him. My life before him sadly had no purpose…

I grew up with very strict parents, who I love and cherish very much. Lacking resources and knowledge my parents raised me as best as they could. I thank them for there hard work, but I strongly believe that parents are the biggest influence in a child’s life. The parenting practices of back in the day were very different from today. I can tell you that with such strict parents… part of my life was changed forever.

They taught me to go to school then come home and was expected to get the most excellent grades. I was only allowed to play outside from certain hours of the day. On Sundays we would go to church, then out to eat and after we would go somewhere like the park or mall. Then the whole week would begin again.

I was told very strictly to keep quite, to sit down and not get up when visiting family or friends. We were not permitted to sleep over at any little friends house, overall we were controlled the majority of the time. When my mother began to depend less on my father and become more independent, she tried her very best to give us the best! She learned to drive on her own. Then began taking us to the public library, mall, out to eat, the park, fairs, church events, pool, sports, and more. 

She still had to follow some strict rules that my father implied. I give her credit for trying her very best. I know she desires and wants the best for all of us. When middle school came around I was not allowed to go to the school dance, go to the end of the year field trip, wear a bathing suit, or hang out with friends. With all this being said, I can sincerely say that my whole life has been affected. The effect was struggling to make friends, being social,keeping friends, but most of all with insecurity.

I meet the love of my life after passing a few heartbreaking hurdles that tore me even more. Loving and thanking God for placing my husband in my life in the perfect moment when I thought there was no hope. My husband is the exact opposite of me, he grew up wild, with confidence and with an impulsive spirit of going and doing anything and everything. Our love story was a magical one to me, he came and gave me a reason to pursue goals and to push harder.

We are sharing a life, and family together. With one one same goal…. to be the best parents to Alexander. Trying to avoid making the same mistakes that our parents did with us. I acknowledge that we are not perfect. As a family we made it a priority to educate and learn the most we can to be the change and make the difference.Today I have goals and dreams, that will one day impact Alexanders life.

What will I get out of this blog?

I encourage you to join me on this journey as together we grow, build memories, learn. To impact in our child’s life. Also know how hard a marriage can be, feel free to share and ask me anything. I am here to help

Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I would love to here yours. Send me a message and lets become friends 🙂