Leaving Baby?

Leaving my son for the FIRST time!

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What was it like for you to leave your baby for the first time?

I recently attended an event with friends from church. For this event I would be gone from 9 am to 3 pm and just to clarify there were babies allowed, but I preferred not to take him. It was going to be many hours and I didn’t want him to get fussy.

We decided to let dad take care of him….

This was HUGE for me!

This was a big step in my motherhood journey. From the day my son was born until now, day and night he had been by my side. I knew that he would be safe with my husband. It was me,who didn’t feel like I was ready to be without him.

How was your experience leaving your baby for the first time…

When we arrived at the location, I was having second thoughts about leaving him.

I worried, What if he misses me? If he cries, If dad doesn’t know what to do, Will he be okay without me? Holding my tears back I stepped out of the car. I kept walking and told myself that everything would be okay. My husband texted me pictures and kept reassuring me that he was fine.

When they arrived to pick me up I saw Alexander happy to see me, but I also saw that he had been fine all day. I knew that this was going to be part of being a mother, One day learning that our children are just ours for a short period of time.

Things are much easier said than done, and unfortunately I am a mother who does not trust anyone with my child. At least not now, that he cannot speak or defend himself. The only person I trust is my husband, there is too many things that happen to children that parents do not even know.

How old was your little one when he was left alone with someone other than you?

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