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Parenting: Dr. Meg Meeker

Hello beautiful friends! I have missed you dearly. “What is she talking about?” You don’t even talk to us?  I might sound crazy but I already feel like I connect with each and everyone of you. Isn’t technology great? Your message, your opinion is transmitted all around the world.

Today my beautiful friends I wanted to share with you some information that I consider will bring value to your life. When it comes to parenting NO ONE likes to be told how to raise their child. Does everyone agree? Every day we are bombarded with ideas, thoughts and suggestions from other people.

Mothers have an instinct. A month ago, I knew that my son was sick even though he presented no symptoms. When we took him to the doctor they could not tell us his diagnostic.

They even suggested taking him to the ER. You are your child’s mother, you know what is best for him or her. I recently discovered someone who I already admire.

Dr. Meg Meeker

I am currently listening to Dr. Meg Meeker’s podcast, I stopped and thought this is such valuable information that I need everyone to know! You might already know her, but some of us are first time moms. Let’s spread the word! She is a pediatrician and a mother, not only does she transmit love for what she does, but she transmits love for our children.

These are my concerns with my son:

Pornography , Confidence, Self Esteem, Bullying, Insecurity, Sports, Sex, Sexually Transmitted diseases, Drugs, Television, Obesity and the list goes on and on..


Am I being a paranoid mother, maybe. I want to be sure to be the best I can for Alexander, he deserves it. Our children don’t ask to come into this world, we bring them so lets give them the best of us. She covers all sorts of topics in her podcast. Invest the time to listen to her. I will link her down below.

I recommend you to listen to the podcast. Invest time in being a great parent!


What resourceful information have you found helpful? Share with us and other moms your thoughts. Like always don’t forget to vote daily to get to number 1!  Love Nay. 

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