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Productive Week:

Hello beautiful friends! Thank you for stopping by once more! Who wants this week to be productive?  Don’t forget to vote and subscribe, Happy Monday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of laughter and joy.

How many of you struggled to get up this morning? I know I did, so I put together some tips and advice to change in your daily routine to have a successful week. Let’s jump right into it..

Down to business…

  1. Make a List Of Goals The Night Before: Trust me it will change everything. Get a small piece of notebook  paper, I bought a small colored paper notebook at my local dollar tree and I use that to jot down any goals that I want to accomplish. Another great tool is a white board. At the end of the day when you cross off most of the things you will feel great!
  2. Clean House! This is so extremely important. You must be thinking? Really, with kids do you know how hard it is to maintain a clean house. Yes! Exactly I know how hard it is to have a clean house but it is a must! A clean environment will help you get more done. If you are home like me and see a mess all I want to do is run to my bed and sleep. No no no, clean the night before when kids are asleep. Or wake up earlier and get some cleaning done 
  3. Work out: This is easier said than done, I struggle with this one, What can I say? Commit to it, you are the only one who can get up and do it, no one else.
  4. Phone: Put the phone away! Hide it or leave it in a locked room, cupboard, safe etc. Unfortunately this is not new. We know that everywhere we go our phones are taking over. Even smaller and younger kids are only on their devices. Try to use the phone less and less, put this to the test and you will see how much more you get done. 
  5. Eat a good breakfast everyday: Make sure you are getting all your vitamins and eating the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip breakfast. 
  6. Get pretty: I know this may sound absurd, but getting up and getting pretty motivates you and makes you feel good. 

Hope these tips were of great help to you. What helps you have a productive week? Share tips and tricks… Don’t forget to vote  Love, Nay 

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