Fitness Journey, GAINED or LOST 6 pounds?

Fitness Journey

Hello beautiful friends! Welcome back, Hello if you are new to this blog. We would love for you to subscribe to be notified every time I post. With that being said I wanted to share with you a very tragic thing that has happened to me. 🙁 (I’m  exaggerating)

As many of you know I began my fitness journey very dedicated  like most people to loose weight! How many of you can agree that it is easier said than done. 🙁 I would like to mention to all beautiful mommies that I am not breastfeeding. I have heard that you loose more weight when you breastfeed…

Before Meeting Husband:

  • Was not A believer and follower of Jesus Christ
  • I weighed 130-135 pounds
  • Age 17-19
  • I walked everyday from home to work
  • I had 2 jobs
  • Sometimes I rode the bus but mostly walked
  • One hour speed walked everyday
  • I was a cook, fast paced job
  • moving all the time
  • Would still go to the gym 

When dating my husband:


  • Not a believer and follower of Jesus Christ
  • Husband/ Back then boyfriend picked me up
  • Would take bus to work lived farther from work.
  • When I moved in with my husband I would sometimes walk to work and back (Not Always)
  • I still had cook job, fast paced job
  • Only had one job
  • no gym

During Pregnancy :

  • Up to 8 months pregnant I worked in an office
  • Sat all day for 12 hours
  • Married to my husband,
  • No more walking
  • Drove car
  • My weight before having my son was 175 pounds
  • I am currently 22 and 5 months postpartum
  • Not breastfeeding
  • Believer and lover of Jesus

With that being said, I am currently weighing 163.8. A few months back I was extremely motivated to start with this journey again, but I’m not sure what happened. WAIT I KNOW: I Love Food! 

If I really want to loose weight I need to be COMMITTED!

Do the work! I will keep you updated on this amazing journey.

I know this will be great I will link below awesome and amazing information for anyone who wants to make a change! We can do this. This plan will help us loose weight, and at the same time allowing us to eat what we love. Imagine eating tacos everyday? Who does not love tacos.

Click here to get a sneak peak 🙂


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  1. Nicolle | 17th Apr 17

    Losing wait is definitely hard. And, keeping it off is the worst!! I’ve gained and lost the same (okay, maybe different) 15-20 pounds for the past 5 years. I wish you luck on your journey. I’m back at it again today.


    • | 17th Apr 17

      I agree as I get older the harder it seems to get too, Thank you Nicole for your feedback it is greatly appreciated! Hang in there and lets do this! I would love to hear about your progress, Wishing you a great day! Love Nay

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