Bedroom Makeover!

Transformation Thursday:

Hello beautiful friends, Welcome… to I am extremely glad that you stopped by. I hope that you are well on this lovely day! As you may know a few months back I challenged all mommies to join me on this Mommy Challenge 2017. The goal is to have more (Mommy) time. Also as a way to pamper and do the things we love. I already completed two of the things on the list! YAY, click the link below to print this awesome list and check out the original post. The goal is to finish the list by the end of 2017. How many mommies say yes?(Mommy challenge post) 

So bath time for me is a must, I try to get in the tub once a week to relax. I usually find time to do this late at night when my son is sleeping.

Second thing on the list that I accomplished was to re do a room. I actually have to be honest with you guys! I re do my house 2- 3 times a month. For me it is very relaxing to see the house in different ways, I get bored of the same thing. I do this also because I live in an apartment and it is quite small. I am always trying to re organize things to make it neater. With this said here is the before and after pictures.





Lets be realistic guys, as much as I want to have my bedroom all fancy Nancy that is not the case. Clearly as you can see I am a normal human like you. This was my room before I decided to redo it completely again. Here are some steps I suggest taking to achieve getting that crazy tornado to look more like a room. I am a mom and as you mommies know it is hard to keep clean, but of course it is always worth trying because there is nothing more relaxing and calm than a clean home. 🙂

  1. Separate clothes in a pile out of room
  2. Go threw each thing in the room and ask yourself “Do I really need it”
  3. Think of ways to organize things easiest for you
  4. Get rid of all unnecessary things (Donate, Giveaway, Sell)
  5. Disinfect and clean
  6. Wash, Fold and Put away
  7. Vacuum/ Mop Room
  8. Keep things in there place, Once a day give it a quick tidy up



In conclusion friends my room does not look like what I would wish, but it definitely is better than before. It makes the house a more desirable place to be. I hope this inspires you to do some changes to a room in your home. Please do not forget to click the image to print your free checklist of this mommy challenge. I would to hear your stories and organizing ideas. 

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