Do you want your mother in law close? Or far far away!

#Thursday Thoughts: Mother In Law

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Mother in Law….. Wow Nay were getting into a serious topic today. How many of you have mother in law close? Possibly living with you or you living with her?

Is your mother in law far far away?

This week has been a little hard for us due to some family hiccups. So I began to dig deeper into this topic, I never thought about how broad and common this topic was.

It seems to be  50/50 some people, both men and women what their mother in law close, or some dislike and what mother in law far far away.

I think about Alexander

When I think about this topic I look over to my son, I imagine him older and visualize him next to his wife. I know that my son is here with me now. He is mine for the time being. When he grows he will seek to find a girl to whom he will marry.

I place myself in this situation and hope to have a great relationship with his wife. I would be very upset knowing that his wife dislikes me and can’t see him or his children.

How is your relationship with your mother in law?

Is this true?

There is a saying that when you marry your husband you marry their family! Who ever knew this? Not me.

With this said, When I was dating my husband I only grew a relationship with him. Yeah I know! I didn’t know better, how was I suppose to know? Maybe by logic? What was I thinking?

So now that we are married, the problems began. Should you be talking about this on the internet? 

Speak the truth!

Someone needs to speak the truth! Not everything is flowers and roses in marriage. I do pray that things get better and I trust God and his will. It makes me upset because my parents are not here in the United States. Unfortunately I am alone, I don’t have my mother close to go and ask for help, I don’t have the ones I love close. All I have is my husband.

I’m not a victim, there are many mothers who grow there children alone. I know I am capable of this and more!

Tips for mother in law:

If your son chose this woman, it’s because he loves her. With good and bad days he accepts her just how she is. If you get to meet her/him when they are dating that is who they are. The fact that they get married to your son/daughter does not mean that they will change! They are who they are. Respect their relationship and don’t get involved. Marriage is two made into one. Not three or four. Be supportive.

Tip for Daughter/Son in law:

RESPECT, these are your husband/wife’s parents. Whether you like them or not they deserve respect. They raised and cared for you husband/wife to be the person they are today. Just like you and I are working hard to raise our children that was them one day. This is especially hard for me, but I respect them. I could go deeper into this topic, but I don’t want to bore you!

Please share your thoughts! Do you want your in laws close or far away? If you had difficulties what strategies did you use to over come? If you love your in laws what made this possible? 

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