Women should not be forgotten: Amelia Earhart

Motivation Monday: Lets never forget Inspiring Women

Amelia Earhart

Hello beautiful friends! Welcome to askthesecretsister.com 🙂 With extreme sincerity I welcome you to motivation Monday. Monday can be overwhelming and hard. For many of us it’s hard to wake up Monday morning and go to work. This is why  I thought you could enjoy a little motivation to get you threw the rest of the day! Women are remarkable and amazing in so many ways.

How many can say yes mam!

Amelia  Mary Earhart was born July 24, 1897 in Kansas. Amelia was the first female aviator to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. She was an author of many best selling books. She is recorded in many other flying records as well. Can anyone imagine the bravery of this women? In this time everyone is doing so much that we loose track of the amazing things that women have done.

Amelia Earhart was a member of the National Woman’s Party, this is according to google. She was also was a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. How many of us can say thank you. These women made an impact in history. Woman are able to vote, work, and have a voice thanks to brave and inspiring women like her.


  • Named after her grandmothers
  • Second Child
  • Type of tomboy
  • explorer
  • Saw first air craft Iowa State Fair
  • grew up with sister


  • Home schooled until 12
  • Interest in books
  • Scraped booked about women who succeeded
  • Volunteered to help wounded soldiers WWI
  • became extremely  ill for one year
  • stayed with her sister

In 1920 Amelia Earhart discovered that she had to fly. She moved back with her parents. In long beach she meet Frank Hawks, this event changed her life for ever. She worked hard doing many things to save money, to take flying lessons. She was determined to finish and accomplish her goal. Although Amelia Earhart disappeared in July of 1937, her story inspires us to complete our goals. There are many speculations and theories of what happened to her, but that is for the experts to discuss.

I want to remind you of how beautiful and amazing you are! Especially you mommy, we should all be very proud. Don’t let one thing stop you from reaching your dreams. How many can agree that women are remarkable? Please don’t forget to vote! Everyday is a day closer to being #1. 

Love Nay 🙂 


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