Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Wonderland for our small Children

Today Alexander and I had the privileged to visit the Children’s Museum of Phoenix! I had planned this for a while, but postponed it since we werel sick. This morning I decided that both Alexander and I needed a break from the daily routine. My son loves being out of the house! He enjoys observing and watching everything around him. I knew this would be perfect for him.


A friend referred us to this place. When I went online I was shocked, I am still a child at heart. I knew that any child of all ages would love to come here. This place was my dream growing up, unfortunately it was not around when I was 7 or younger. This review is not sponsored, this is my honest thought and opinion. I will link their website for any moms who are interested in price, hours, and location


Parking: The location has a few parking slots with shade cover. The rest are regular parking areas. The parking space is not huge, but is not small. We happened to go on a Wednesday and surprisingly it was not packed.

Cost: Like many of you know I only have one son. He is four months old about to be five months. We were charged $11 dollars.

Crowded: We went on a Wednesday and their wasn’t many children. By this I mean there was space to walk and move. At the moment they have the first Friday of the month free, at a specific time, check website for details.

Cleanness: Honestly the first thing I review for a location is the bathroom, they had paper towels, and they also had toilet paper. The bathrooms were clean to me.


CONS: There was a few things that I did not like. There was no disinfecting wipes, or sanitize slots. There are so many children running around, so I think this a must! Also I am a neat freak, to my liking it wasn’t extremely clean! The baby toys did not look clean. Be prepared with you own cleaning and germ killing wipes. I did not see a security guard,  There should be one in case of an emergency. I could be mistaken, correct me if I am wrong?

Other than that, our experience was great!

It is to my concern that the toys be clean. If you have children that are younger than two I’m positive that this is a must! Everything goes in their mouth, the Children’s Museum is huge! At least for the baby areas they should. We spent a total of two hours here. I love that there are places for parents to sit, I have all good things to say about the  Children’s Museum.

If you ever come and visit make sure to stop by, let me know your opinion and thoughts! Please don’t forget to vote. Love Nay 

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