Mama do you have a baby boy?

A letter to all mother of boys:

Dear Beautiful Mommy,

I became inspired from deep in my heart to write this letter to all mommies of baby boys. I’m sure that  we can agree, we want the best for our children.

We want them to be accepted in school, we want them to make friends, we want them to get married to a nice girl, we want them to finish college, and we want them to strive to have the best life possible.

What mother goes in labor for who knows how many hours and lives the most tragic thing in there life! So then their son ends up in jail, takes bad decisions, marries the wrong girl, gets HIV and the list goes on. I’m sure you are thinking not me. And your probably also thinking she’s exaggerating!

If you find this letter offensive, I do apologize, but someone has to speak the truth. Do the males that hit, rape, murder, steel, use drugs have a mother? Yes, indeed they also had parents. Why is it that world is how it is today?

When your child was born he was given to you with zero knowledge, zero understanding, zero everything.

These boys will learn everything from home. They will learn by example.

Be that amazing example..

What should they be taught at home you ask? In my opinion absolutely everything! Where do you think that our boys are going to learn from a TV show?

Boys need to be taught many things. They aren’t ours to keep forever. One day these boys will go into the real thing, called life. There they will be on their own. So is it our job as his mother to teach? Yes!

We take a role as their teacher, if we don’t then who will? I know that we are not perfect. No one is! I’m not perfect, but by simply making it a goal and doing the best I can is progress.

The List.. Dun Dun

  •  be clean I’m sure as we all know boys are dirty, but if habits are implimented  in their life they will do things like shower, brush their teeth, clean their room, help around the house.
  •  be respectful All boys should be taught respect to their elder and to women. No man has the right to hit a girl, this is equal for both
  •  manage money They don’t teach you to earn things, organize, and plan
  •  make wise decisions There are consequences, everything we do has a consequence
  •  work hard.. Is anything free in this life?
  •  be friendly People are not at fault for things that happen to us, so why mistreat?
  •  be on time! Where in life is this important? Um I think everywhere
  • God above all
  • Choosing a wife is serious stuff
  • Life is amazing live it wisely, you only live once

To conclude :

The only one who will suffer more than our boys, is us. If they grow  to be everything that we didn’t want them to be. If they struggle, if they choose to take the wrong path, we will suffer. Why wait until that day comes, wishing that we had done things different? Make the change today! Lets raise gentlemen, our kids are the future of this country.

Love Nay,

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