Taco Tuesday, Healthy Style! Easy..

Could it really be? Healthy Taco Tuesday:

Hello beautiful friends, wishing you a fantastic and amazing Tuesday. Today I wanted to share a recipe that I put together on this ”healthy” journey.

As most of you know, if you read past post I am determined to get my body back!

Can a girl get a wohoo? Fun fact, before I meet my husband I weighed 135 pounds.

Love hit me and I was 150 pounds before pregnant.

Before giving birth I was 175 pounds.

Four months later…

I am 157 pounds. Just a few weeks ago I decided to try to get back in shape. I was eating donuts, bread, brownies, pizza, and the numbers kept going up!

I know that it is hard for some of us to eat healthy! It is for me, let me tell you I love food.

I eat everything, and I confess when I am sad I eat out of control. Does this happen to any of you?


I looked around in my kitchen to see what I had to make for lunch, and I put together these tacos, It was really good. It might be healthy, but don’t hold me against it. You can be the judge of that 🙂

Ingredients needed:

potato I had washed and peeled prior to making this, cutting them into smaller squares. I put them to boil slightly with salt. Not so they are mushy but slightly cooked

Chopped garlic I bought some store chopped ready to cook garlic

Onions I love the taste of onion in food, if you don’t then don’t include

tomato the amount is up to you

Green pepper  This can be replaced with yellow or red

lettuce All tacos have lettuce right?

salsa This is definitely optional, again I had store-bought, when it comes to spicy every person is different. There is also just tomato sauce which should be really good for these tacos

tortillas Your choice,

Coconut Oil Optional, To make it healthier you can use water.

After having all things chopped and ready to put together.. Tacos should be ready in 15 minutes..

First Saute onion and garlic in a medium or small pan. If you do not want to use coconut oil, use preferred oil or water.

Once onion is golden brown add green pepper and tomato. Let it saute all together on medium to low heat. Lastly place the lightly boiled and chopped potato in pan and let all saute together.

In the mean time cook or heat tortillas to preferred crunchy taste. If you let the tortilla sit in the pan longer it will be crunchy.

I had plain white rice to accompany this. Grab your tortilla and place in a flat plate. Place mixed onion, garlic, pepper, tomato and potato in tortilla.

Top with desired amount of lettuce and sauce! Enjoy your healthy and Delicious tacos on Tuesday.  🙂

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Love Nay 🙂

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