NoseFrida Review

Does your baby have a stuffy nose?

*This post is not sponsored by the company, this is my honest review of this product. is not responsible for loss, damage or injury when using this product. Use at your own free will. 

Hello beautiful friends! Hope you are well, today I wanted to share with all mommies a great product that I recently bought. I know that you might be thinking, this post is probably paid… Nope !

This is my honest opinion. Lets talk buggies 🙂

Like you all may know, I am a first time mom. That means I am learning as I go. Making mistakes along the way. I choose to investigate and share my knowledge with others. Why?

I believe in supporting and helping one another. Women can grow by share awesome experiences!

With that said 🙂

In the hospital, they gave us that blue ball looking thing. This was supposed to suck the buggies out of baby.

For the longest time I was using this. I came to realize that the only thing this would do was push the buggies back further into his little nose.

How would I even know if I got the buggies?

There was no way! Plus I had a crying baby. Did I hurt him?

Trust me the scene was not pretty..

Then.. I learned

After watching a few videos on YouTube, we decided to try it. I didn’t want to buy something that didn’t work.

When I decided to try it out, my first thoughts were “Really, Is this even going to work”?

I am here to tell you it does work!

My son was congested for the longest time. First I sprayed the Saline drops, I waited about a minute. Placing the Nosefrida on the tip of his nose and sucked. Alexander was scared and fussed. After a few tries I got all buggies out, Yay!

Give it a try, It is a great product that is worth investing into. Do your research and see if it works for your family. The only hard thing about the Nosefrida for us is the process of cleaning it after, I might have to check some videos.

Has the Nosefrida worked for you? What are your thoughts.. Don’t forget to vote! 

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