Marriage the Truth NO One talks about..

Lets talk real..

Hello beautiful friends! I hope you are well on this amazing evening. Today I wanted to discuss a topic that I would usually keep to myself but If I did then what good would it be. I wanted to now how many other mommies have gone threw the same thing?

Marriage, Dun Dun Dun…

Is defined by Google as the recognized union of two people, as partners in a relationship.

Marriage defined by me: The self-made decision to choose an individual to accompany you for the rest of your life. Something that is united forever based on my bible believes.

(I just want to point out that each person has their own believes and thoughts on the topic these are just mine)(The only time I do believe in divorce is when there is cheating involved or physical violence)

My story..

Shortly after going threw very difficult times I meet my husband. FYI we went to the same High School but never spoke one word. He was a different person back then. We would cross the halls never imagining that one day we would be married. We meet threw his mom. She was my friend and she introduced him to me. (I was not a true believer at this point in my life)

My first impression of him was “Wow! He is so handsome!”

Our first date was at a seafood restaurant, we talked all night. That night we both agreed on many things.

After this we went on many dates. Then he surprised me by taking me to the beach. It was my first time ever going to the beach, specifically Santa Monica. There he asked me to be his girlfriend and we kissed for the first time. (Extremely Romantic!)

The Story begins..

I was convinced that all guys were the same, and that I would never find a man who loved me. My husband made me re-think this twice. He was extremely romantic! We were in love  🙂

One day that went by without seeing him was like a million years.

He showed up to pick me up at work, would take me out to eat, would bring me roses. (Roses are my favorite, wait until I tell you what he did one day, but that is another story).

All those qualities a girl dreams about… he had! I was his world, I know you guys can imagine what I’m talking about.

We decided to move in together, I was struggling to find a place to stay and he helped me.

We got an apartment together, we shared expenses, we both worked it was great!

Then after a few months things started going down..

The only true way you get to know someone is when you live with them. This implies to anyone friends, cousins, or family. So after being together for a few months the problems began, I don’t recall precisely why we would fight…

All I know is that everything changed. Day by day I  learned stuff about him that I didn’t know before.

What was I was seeing! We both began to change. Where was the romantic loving and caring man I meet?

I don’t want to ramble to much about the negative things about him, because in all he is a great man.

I’m talking about the truth.. 

The things that no one talks about. Many people leave the problems covered, giving a different perspective to the world.

Yeah my marriage is great, Were doing fine, Everything is perfect.

When in reality…

Things will change

Things will not always be perfect.

People change…

It will be hard, You will get hurt, that love is still there. It just needs to be woken.

My marriage has stayed together because of God. I believe in forgiveness and serving. Everyday I try to be that great wife, not expecting anything in return. I am not perfect, sometimes I fail. My intentions are to always to keep moving. My goal is to keep this love alive, because the flame will go out. It’s up to each one of us to do our part. Even though sometimes I feel like giving up, I continue. I choose this man, I made a commitment. Keep strong, fight for an amazing family.

Love Nay 🙂

 *The featured picture was taken when we were dating. 

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