Postpartum… Will I ever feel like myself again?

Will I ever feel human again?

Hello beautiful mama, especially if your are a first time mom! Congratulations

Welcome all mommies who have already been threw this. I personally want to say lets give each other a round of applause.

We did it, we are here with our little ones ready to face whatever comes next.

Giving birth is an extraordinary thing, our body was designed to create. Through nine months you carried this baby, That’s a lot of work! Good Job

When I finally gave birth I thought… “Yes! I did it! Can I go home now”.

But wait, It was just the beginning…

(Long moment of Silence Please) My legs were still asleep when I got to pee for the first time after giving birth, So no Duh! My first thoughts were can I go home now!

Then came the truth! The devastating, horrifying truth that no one talks about.

No one told me this, no one said be prepared do this or that. Why?

Mama who is long past this can you recall thinking, but it’s all worth it, because you look at your precious gift and remind yourself they are worth it a million times.

So what do I mean by the truth?

  • ( These are things that happened to me, Every mama is different)
  • Going to pee: It hurts so much that you hold it for the longest time possible. Grabbing hold of an old rag and biting it because you don’t want to scream
  • Not being able to walk, or get up
  • Pain in abdominal area, (Am I giving birth again?)
  • Heavy bleeding!( Am I really loosing this much blood)
  • Breastfeeding! I don’t know what I’m doing, even though I took a class
  • Bleeding Nipples, It hurts so much that you cry your eyes out!
  • Emotions! Am I 16 again? Why can’t I stop crying?
  • Rude nurses, Can you please have patience, I’m a first time mom
  • Not having your family close, Your all on your own!
  • I’m a neat freak, Seeing my house turned upside down.
  • Hubby leaving on a work trip a few days after giving birth
  • Not being able to do anything alone and not having help.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing why won’t he stop crying
  • Being in house for 3 months, Get me out of here

The list can go on and on, I know it is hard. But we are here to tell you it will pass. It goes by so fast! Your baby stays small for a short amount of time. How can I say enjoy this time? Time will pass and you will be yourself again, do not be so hard on yourself. Let your body rest. Cuddle and enjoy your baby. Mamas do yo have any advice for first time mommies I’d love to hear stories and suggestions.

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