Challenge, Take on the mommy Goals!

The Mommy Challenge:

Hello beautiful friends! Today I wanted to share with you a list of goals. These goals are things that I personally want to do before the year ends. In our house we set goals to grow.

Slowly but surely we see them accomplished.

 I feel like this should be applied to all mommies since we are so busy with our little ones.

So what is this all about? I want to invite you beautiful mama to include these things in your to do list! If your a mommy who already has the awesome opportunity to this regularly then you go girl! Thumbs up for you.

If you are like me, and you put yourself last and have no time, Join me! Lets do something good for us.

Everyone goes at there pace. The end goal is to have them all completely crossed off. Let me know how you do and what other fun things you do for yourself.


Get A Massage 

Face Mask Time 

Hot Tub 

Host a party

Pool and a Drink 

Look threw Old Photos 

Cuddle with Hubby 

Date Night/ Only Hubby and I 

Girls Night Out 

Buy a Nice Dress 

Watch a Romantic Movie 

Re-do Your Room 

Have Lunch with a Friend 

Read a Whole Book 

Get Dressed and Eat at a Fancy Restaurant


Take a Class

Plan/ Have Family Fun Day  



Comment down below when you have accomplished the list. It will make my day knowing that there are mommies who are pampering themselves. We need love and attention too! Can I get a Woohoo?  It can be intimidating for me to get out of my daily routine. I can reassure you that getting this list done will be a challenge! Lets support one another! We need some free time too. I’d love to hear your stories

Love Nay

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