Parenting, Top 10 Ultimate Raising Tips!

When I see my son, I see the future..

Many people think that because I am so young I don’t know what I am saying or I lack knowledge.

All I know is that I have a vision, and I am preparing myself like all other moms who would like to see their children succeed.

When I became a mother my mentality changed and my plans and goals are now focused on my son. Of course I have plans for myself but I know that the first five years of our children’s life are fundamental.

All parents have different styles and ways of parenting, and no one can come and tell you what is right from wrong! Each family chooses what is best for them.

If we are humble enough to listen to other ideas of older people who have been threw the same situations, We might just learn something.

Here are Top 10 parenting tips that I learned from a Pastor named Elias Paez that comes straight from the bible and would love to share with you:

1. Don’t give your children everything

2. Read your bible as a Family

3. Discipline your children, Discipline!

4. Teach your child Good vs Bad

5. Teach your children to be diligent vs. lazy

6.  Supervise what your children watch (television, internet)

7. Don’t discuss problems and adult issues in front of your children

8. Teach them to learn a living

9. Don’t satisfy all their needs

10. Teach them to respect their elder.


In the end, I’m hoping that each parent can take something home to bless and help their family. Everything our children are is a reflection of everything that is at home. I know that I want my son raised the best possible, but I also know that I am not perfect.

I am human and I make mistakes, I am not perfect. Just knowing that I have the right intentions makes me happy and overall I know that God is in control.

Love Nay

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