Encanto Park in Arizona!

Encanto Park, Phoenix

Where to take the kids on a nice warm weekend?

Today we visited Encanto park in Phoenix located between Thomas Rd and 15th avenue. Although my son is only 4 months old he loved the experience! He seems to be distracted with everything that is around him.

This makes teething for both of us much more fun! I concluded that since it was Wednesday the park would probably be empty. Nope! I was completely wrong, even though we happened to go on a Wednesday there were many parents and children. Encanto park is huge and has many things to do.

No matter your child’s age I’m positive that they will enjoy coming to Encanto park. Now that my family has grown, I am always looking for places to spend a nice family Sunday. This is a great location to get out of the house and eat out doors.

Places like these are also were a  great friendship is built. I got to talk to other mommies who had small children and both my son and I had a great time! We spent around 2 hours here, because as it started getting hot. My son got home extremely happy to see a change of scenery and came home ready to nap :).

Things to do at Encanto Park:

  1. Golf
  2. Paddle Boats
  3. Fishing
  4. Feed the Ducks
  5. Take Pictures
  6. Picnic/ Out Door lunch
  7. Run/ Walk/ Jog
  8. Small workout area
  9. Walk the dog
  10. Small amusement park
  11. Birthday party
  12. Table area/ play grounds
  13. Ride the Train
  14. Relax with the Family

Do you have any specific locations family friendly that you love, Share your thoughts, Id love to hear of great places to visit as my son grows older I am looking into other locations that he might love thank you for your time, Love nay.

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