How I lost weight fast, I am four months postpartum.

Weight Loss Journey..

For many of us one of the biggest fears about being pregnant is how we I look after. There are many stories of friends who gain weight to the point where they can no longer loose it. I admit that this was one of my big worries. The struggle with my weight and stretch marks have been there all my life.

For the longest time, I have always had stretch marks on my legs, thighs, and buttocks area. So when I found out that I was pregnant I knew that my whole body would change. I was most concerned about my stomach area.

Sure enough, When I hit my 7 or 8 month the itching on my stomach was unbearable. I put everything, but it never made the itch get better. I never did actually scratch my stomach I would just massage it with cold water.

Before I was pregnant I weighed 150pounds, and before giving birth my weight was at 175 pounds. I didn’t gain as much weight as I thought I would but, I felt huge!

After having my son I heard a great amount of stories on how breastfeeding would help loose weight. Unfortunately I did not breastfeed. Four months later I was sitting at 165. I was not making progress! So I decided to go on an extreme weight loss journey.

What I am able to eat:

rice, beans, lentils, all grains, fruit, vegetables, and water basically like a vegan diet but not really

What is strictly forbidden:

Flour, sugar, sweets, candy, bread, any processed  food, only drink water or natural tea no sugar.


So far I can say that It has been a few weeks of doing this, and I have lost 5 pounds, I will keep you updated on how long I can keep doing this, and how well things go.

I would love to hear your weight loss journey and any tips or advice is appreciated! Love Nay,

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