Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack

Fisher Price Diaper back pack, I choose to buy.

My son recently turned four months old. Before deciding to invest in a diaper bag I was using a normal small back pack that young girls use for high school. It had one big pocket, and two small side pockets where I would put two bottles. Then when my son turned 4 months I knew it was time to invest into something where I could take everything I needed for him. I originally wanted a  fashionable bag. But I am also the type of  person who spends money on things I need, rather than spending on wants.

Furthermore I  bought this diaper bag and I would like to share my honest opinion about it. This post is not sponsored, this is advice for those mommies looking to buy an affordable diaper bag, this is what works for me.

What is in my diaper bag?

  1. The big pocket I use to carry a thermos with water, formula dispenser, wallet, diapers, extra clothes, baby shoes, small bag with little clippers, wipes, medicine, and toys


2. I think this pocket is super practical because I always loose the pacifier, this pocket is designed specifically for that 

3. This is the mommy pocket, I carry my bible, chap stick, hand sanitizer, hair tie and small mirror

4. This is the wipes holder pocket, the diaper bag comes with a wipes dispenser. 

5. I call this the extra pocket where I carry my perfume fragrance spray, bags for dirty diapers

6. In here I put extra bibs, this is what I definitely use most! I have a teething baby and bibs end up all wet within a few hours.

7. This is the bottle pocket, or sippy cup pocket. In my diaper bag I am able to put two bottles in this pocket.


Pros of Fisher Price Diaper Bag:

I am definitely loving this diaper bag, I love that it’s a diaper backpack. I need my hands free, I love that I can put in on my back and grab all the other things like car seat, stroller, cellphone, keys and so on. This Fisher Price bag also comes with stroller straps that can easily attach to your stroller. There is a lot of room. This Fisher Price Diaper bag is big enough to carry all my sons toys. As a new mommy I definitely feel the need to take everything with me.

Cons of Fisher Price Diaper Bag:

I would love to only say good things about this diaper bag, but I did find some things I was not too happy about. The first one is that, even though it is a big bag with lots of room the wipes dispenser seems to move, making it hard to press the button to open it. I might have over packed my bag to make it to where the pocket is not in place as you can see in the picture. Also since it is such a big bag, when my son isn’t sitting in his stroller and I have the bag strapped to the stroller it tips over the whole bag and stroller together. It might be too heavy, but everything I packed is very necessary to me.

What diaper bag worked great for you? Share your thoughts

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