POSITIVE Words Only Please!

Positive Words

Positive words come a long way in our children’s life. As the sun rises and I open my eyes, I turn over to look at my sons crib, there he is with his eyes wide open. An enormous smile is across his face. The first words to come out of my mouth are ” Good Morning my handsome baby?’ “How is the smartest baby in the world”. His smile continues on his face!

I adore my son, he is my motivation. We have made it a house rule to only use positive words. Considering that we are all human I can reassure you that we are not perfect. It is a goal we work on every day.

After watching a few videos on YouTube about the power of words I was convinced! Not only that, but also remembering that I had gone threw a bad relationships in my past and the effect of those problems and the negative words made a mark in my life forever.  I did not need anyone else trying to convince me why I should only use positive words with my son.



Our mind is such a powerful tool, for both the good and bad. I’m not a scientist but the brain cannot distinguish between fake or real, as you constantly repeat something over and over your brain begins to believe it is real. So why would we keep repeating something to our children that we don’t want them to believe or be.

Common phrases:

You are spoiled..

You cry too much..

You are Mr. Grumpy Pants

Your nasty

Your are always so messy, Look at you..

Most of the time parents say things without meaning to hurt or harm our children. We say things without thinking. If we only truly knew the power we hold in our mouths. Everything our children hear, will eventually be plugged in their brain as normal. As we grow on this journey to try to be the best parents we can be lets encourage each other to be that better me.

Do you have any suggestions on how to always use positive words? Any suggestions, please share.

Love Nay 🙂


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