Alexander is now four months!

Where has time gone?

I’m sure that all mommies can relate to their babies growing so quickly! As I was getting ready to take my sons 4 month pictures, I was blown away by thinking how fast it has gone! They grow so quickly, I think that this is something all mommies can agree too


Time is something that is not always valued as it should. I personally have taken advantage of every single day with my son. Today I share with you his current process.

  • Definitely Teething! We change bibs very often
  • Smiles A lot!
  • Giggles only when he really wants to
  • Every thing goes in mouth
  • We still can’t roll over but that’s okay
  • Loves going to story time ­čÖé
  • Does not like tummy time
  • Formula Feed 5 oz. every 3-4 hours
  • Goes to bed at 9pm wakes up 7 or┬á 8 am
  • Loves to be awake and observing
  • Takes about 3 or 4 naps (short naps)
  • Wears 6 month clothing, 9 months if too small
  • Is only taken Formula, no food yet but will start soon.
  • Talking and making noises the majority of the day
  • Follows with eyes when people move.
  • Loves bath time
  • Dealing with mild flat head
  • Loves to be held by mommy
  • Loves hanging out with dad

Thank you, Share your baby experience.. Love Nay


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