Do these type of thoughts run threw your head?

Mommy what motivates you everyday?

Night thoughts approach, I find that it is the only time I have to myself. My son is turning four months in a few days. Where has time gone? Before giving birth I did go in with a mindset that time would go by too quickly, if there is something valuable that we as humans need to value it would be TIME . I can say like every other mom “It goes by too fast!”

I love my son so so much…

He keeps me going.

Waking up and seeing that smile turns my day into an adventure.

I don’t know what I would do without him, but….

What happens on those days when your just not having it?

When everything seems to much….

All I want to do is sleep..

I feel fat, lonely, without energy.

Like no one cares.

I have no friends..

I seek Jesus, but what helps you to keep going?

I am a positive person

I know this is not me..

I fear..

I fear my parenting, my sons future, my sons life.

I know everything is in Gods hands..

Does anyone else feel like this?

It seems to happen closer to my menstrual cycle..

Is something wrong with me?

Am I a bad mother..

Share your thought, please

Love Nay



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