Motherhood can be overwhelming!

Being a mother can be hard…

Can we all agree that motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to us! But as we go deeper into the topic we can see that at times motherhood can be overwhelming ? Being a stay at home I can definitely say that the hardest transition for me was to change my  daily environment. The transition from working twelve hours a day to staying at home the majority of the week was huge!

Can any of you mommies relate? From having a social life, to being home alone with this precious gift. Our day is full of diapers, food, cries, naps, toys, and the same episode on television  over and over again. We don’t really have anyone to talk to that is our age. How many can relate that when your husband gets home all he wants to do is rest. For younger mommies like myself it’s harder to find mommies in the same situation. Sometimes it can be hard to be around friends who don’t have children who can’t relate with us.

Here is list of some ideas to include in your weekly schedule to help keep relaxed…

  1. Make a list of Goals before your week starts 
  2. Meal plan
  3. Get some good sleep in,
  4. Make a list of movies to watch and knock one of the list 
  5. Get in the Tub!! 
  6. Clean in sections 
  7. Be patient 
  8. Take an art class
  9. Plan a Vacation and gradually work towards it 
  10. Have a relaxed day
  11. Read a novel
  12. Laugh!! 
  13. Enjoy this wonderful phase

I know there are so many more things we can do, but I thought Id share some of the things that work for me… What helps you with the daily work of motherhood? Share your ideas I would love to hear other suggestions. Thank you Love Nay


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