Dad Advice to a Happy Wife, With a Newborn

Congrats Dad! You are awesome..

If this is your first time bringing home a newborn you know how exciting and scary it can be. This new bundle of joy is ready to meet your precious home and begin adapting to mom and dad. So why can this be a scary thing? We can all be insecure about doing something for the first time since this is an unknown thing but overall it is extremely exciting.

Mom has hard work that awaits. From changing diapers, breastfeeding, not sleeping, laundry, cooking, postpartum, and the list will go on forever without stopping. Dad she will need your emotional and physical support. You might be thinking what can I do? Let me tell you, by being there you are already of extreme support! You can do a few things that will make your wife love you and appreciate you even more.

Let mom sleep…

She is exhausted, and needs sleep. In the first few days that you get home from the hospital you will need to bring everything to her she needs sleep. Please allow her rest. Her body just did a remarkable thing, and it needs to rest. Be supportive and use kind words. Do not demand for food or laundry to get done, be patient.

Let mom shower..

Once mom is up and going, she will be so busy that sometimes taking a shower or bath is the last thing that crosses our mind. If you can make time, take over baby and let mom take a nice long bath or shower. If mom ever does take a shower it will be that quick 10 min one. Dad mommy needs to shave and all that other stuff, but she wants to be sure that baby will be safe at the same time.

Listen to mom..

Take time to listen and talk to mom. Mom is full eyes and ears for baby and with all the busy schedules we forget that we too need love and affection. Take the time off when your baby is napping  to spend quality time with mom.

Hug and cuddle baby..

Spend time with baby. If your partner is bottle feeding you can help by making and giving baby the bottle. Another great way to help with baby is during bath time especially once baby starts getting heavier. Spend time with this precious gift, babies grow quick its only a short period of time that they need you I promise, it goes by too quick!


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