The Ultimate TOP 10 things women do when they are mad!

We all have those days where we are just not having it!

Here is the top ten things that women do when they are mad. She might be tired, she might be exhausted, she might be upset. I can reassure you that most likely she is doing ONE of these things without even noticing it. Without further a due….. You will know that she is mad when…

  1. Storming out of the room
  2. Goes Shopping for hours
  3. Screaming
  4. Wants to be alone
  5. Cleans with rage
  6. Crying
  7. Eating without being hungry
  8. Calling a Friend
  9. Laughing
  10. She will ignore

Over all remember to be patient with her. Stress is hard to handle when you have a million things on your mind. Moms do not get enough credit for all the house work they do. If we simply put ourselves in there shoes for one day, I’m sure we would never want to do it again. Our day would end with aching backs, aching bodies, and a huge headache. Even with this said, moms love what they do. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Being a mom is a blessing.

At times it gets difficult and stressful to handle. If dad is there to help I can guarantee you his contribution will make a huge impact. Mom needs to be oaky first to be able to take care of the little ones. If dad wants to know how he can help, simply help her by allowing her to get some “alone time”. If she is okay mentally then she will function 100% more efficiently. Moms favorite way to relieve stress is the bathtub, a simple 30 min bath can make the difference!  Just remember be patient she’s got a lot on her shoulders and she is doing a terrific job at it. Your encouragement will make the difference!




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