Labor: What will I feel during labor, Natural or with Epidural?

My labor and delivery experience

For months now, I had been reading and watching labor and delivery stories. I was two months away from giving birth. The words that I was constantly typing on google search were, How does labor feel? How much does labor hurt? How to prepare for labor? Why I shouldn’t get the epidural? I began to think I was only torturing myself. I was terrified, and scared to go into labor.

My due date had been November first. This made things ten times more exciting! We didn’t know what day my son would arrive. I can still remember the mixed emotions that I felt those last few days…

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Nervous
  • Emotional

Don’t worry it is completely normal. That last week, I would even say I felt depressed. It’s something I cannot explain but keep in mind that it will pass. Enjoy the last few days that you will be alone. After this you will forever have someone by your side.

On November fourth at 2:00am it all began! I was awakened with a very sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I tried to go back to sleep, and ignore it, but after thirty minutes… another sharp pain. Again I ignored it and went back to sleep. I went to the restroom and there was blood, I had read many articles and prepared myself so I knew what to expect. The few days prior to this my symptoms were:

  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Tired
  • Sleepy
  •  Very Light cramps/ Like period cramps
  • Discharge
  • Last day, extremely energetic


These sharp pains grew to be around 15 minutes apart. They were not extremely painful. They were bearable and they felt exactly like cramps. At this point I knew I was in early labor. Then I proceeded to get the last few things in my hospital bag. Finally I took a shower and sat on my couch. Taking out my journal I recorded how long the pain lasted. I called the hospital and asked to reassure when I should go in. Of course they said to wait until the pain was five minutes apart and lasted for thirty seconds. 

Wanting to go back to sleep, but overwhelmed of excitement I stayed sitting on the couch. The thought that crossed my mind was to stay relaxed! I woke up my husband at 8:00 am. He got ready and stayed with me threw the contractions. They gradually grew stronger and more painful. My thought was to stay at home as long as possible so I wouldn’t be sent home from the hospital. At 9:00 am I was pretty much screaming and breathing heavily due to the pain. I could no longer wait! We headed to the hospital.

I was convinced of having a natural labor..

My husband got lost on the way to the hospital. It must have been due to the excitement. Getting to the hospital and checking in was the longest part, the lady was asking for my Id and insurance. It crossed my mind I shouldn’t have waited so long. When I finally got checked I was told I was only 4 centimeters dilated! The plan was to have this baby all natural. This was my original plan. Although I did tell myself that If I needed the epidural I would get it. When the nurse said 4 centemiters, I immediately took the decision to get the epidural.

The epidural wasn’t given to me immediately, I had to wait some more. We were taken into the labor room. The nurse prepared everything, and after finally getting the epidural everything went by super fast! The pain was gone and all that was left to do was to wait

It was 6:00 pm

The doctor came in and said that it was time to push, I was fully dilated. I could not feel the contractions. I also could not feel myself pushing. It was hard to push because they said harder or longer, but you pushed without feeling. I put all my force and will. I pushed and at 6:46 my baby was born. This is the most emotional and beautiful moment of my life. Words cannot describe the beauty of labor. It goes by too fast! Enjoy the time, make the best of it!… 

*photo from pixabay


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