What things/items do I need to pack in my hospital bag?

What do I need for the arrival of my newborn? What things to pack in my hospital bag..


I will be completely honest with you guys, I definitely over packed my hospital bag! Being a first time mom I think it is typical. I even conducted my research, but that was no help. My hope is to help you keep your hospital bag organized and prepared for the arrival of your precious baby.

It was a late afternoon when we left the hospital. We were ready to go home, and my husband overloaded with things to carry to the car. Poor daddies, he could barley walk. Can you imagine? We had just become new parents! I was being wheeled out with a new born in my lap and the excitement just rushed threw us! It made me feel guilty for packing a million things that we didn’t even need. 

Please keep in mind that when you enter the hospital you enter one way, and all of a sudden when you are taken to your room you are at the other end of the hospital. Keep your hospital bag simple and organized. Take the things you need, and keep in mind that you will soon hold a newborn. Everything is about to change!

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For Mommy-

  1. Nipple Cream-  Please do not forget, if you are a first time mom I highly recommend this, invest in a good nipple cream, and have it ready if you plan to breast feed.
  2. Comfy Clothes- Take some sweats or robes, loose clothing that you will be comfortable, especially if you plan to have visitors in the room.
  3. Socks & Slippers- I took both my husbands and my mine but we ended up loosing them, but found out I needed them when we were going home.
  4. Folder/Organizer- Make sure to take something that will keep together all important paperwork. I would even recommend a plastic organizer in case of water spills.
  5. Big Underwear- I personally used the ones the hospital provided up until the day we went home. For me it was too messy and easier to toss the hospital ones  to the trash after use. Everyone has their personal preference, but I did not want to take home so much dirty clothes.
  6. Clothes needed if you are nursing- It makes it extremely easy to just pull down the part that you will be feeding from with nursing bras.
  7. Toiletries- In a separate bag, take the travel size items that you will need.

  Note to Mommy: Do not forget charger, camera, ID/Wallet and Insurance card, Some cash.

For Baby-

  1. Have baby car seat ready- We installed the baby car seat one month before he was born. It did take us a good ten minutes to figure it out. Do this ahead of time so you are prepared.
  2. Nursing pillow- You will be so thankful you took your pillow if you decide to breast feed! This probably would have made the difference in my whole breastfeeding experience.
  3. One baby blanket
  4. Going home outfit- If you will be taking pictures and want more outfits, then do so.
  5. Hat/Mittens/ Socks- My newborn had jaundice so he remained naked most of the time, because he was under the blue light, definitely take his own warm
  6. One sleeper, or onesies

For Daddy-

  1. Keep in mind where Dad will sleep- My husband, didn’t take a pillow or blanket but he was cold and slept very uncomfortable keep this, in consideration for your husband.
  2. Change of clothes- Take him his pajamas and going home outfit. (Extra undies and socks)
  3. Phone/ Laptop/ Computer
  4. Toiletries –Overall keep in mind you don’t need to take so many things, the less the better! Trust me, keep it simple and over all enjoy the amazing and extremely fast experience.


Photograph taken from Pixabay.com 



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