My pregnancy experience

The gift of becoming a mother.. 

I can still remember the day in February when I sat in the restroom anxiously waiting for the pregnancy results. It was early in the morning.. a few minutes went buy and the first test indicated positive ( I had bought three). I was in shock. Shortly after, second test, and then third test confirmed that I indeed was pregnant.

Admitting that my first reaction wasn’t the best, nor that I wished these thoughts would have crossed my mind. A wave of fear entered my body, questions and thoughts dashed threw my head.


What will I do now?

I’m too young to be pregnant?

What will my parents think?

I had so many plans…

At the time I was living with my future to be husband, who then was only my boyfriend. We were both in shock but decided that it was only fair to take responsibility for our actions. We were having this baby even if everyone said a million things about us. At the time we were both only twenty two. Still young and with many things in mind for our future my pregnancy began. 

First Trimester:

During my first trimester my body was making the necessary changes,I had no baby bump and was sick all the time. I ate food then later ended up in the bathroom. I was working at the time and my feelings remained the same. The most drastic part was telling my parents. This was a huge bomb for them, but later had no choice than to accept it. 

Second Trimester:

My baby bump grew at six months. This was the month that things began to change. We got married and the real problems arose. My weight and appearance changed. I was more tired. It became harder to walk. My emotions began to change in acceptance that I was pregnant. We also found out that we were having a boy.

Third Trimester:

My total gained weight was twenty-seven pounds. It was harder to walk and bend down. I stopped working one month before giving birth. I began reading numerous books on everything I needed to know. My friends organized two baby showers and most of the things we needed was given to us. 

…. Looking back today I would have done things very differently if I could go back. I didn’t know what I was doing nor what to expect. Being pregnant is the most beautiful thing that happened to me and I would do it all over again without doubt. Congratulations if you are expecting to be a mom. Be happy and excited if it is your first! What blessings babies are to our life. Here is a list of things I would highly recommend for you to listen to this advice. You are only pregnant once with each baby, and the time flies! 

  1. Stay Active- Consult your doctor before doing anything.
  2. Take lots of pictures- I didn’t take many pictures, and I wish I did.
  3. Save Money- I wish someone would have told me that I was going to want so many things for my baby and not have enough.
  4. Relax and Enjoy Every Stage- Sometimes we want it to be over, hang in there you will miss it.
  5. Spend time with partner- This will go away for some time so enjoy each other! I mean it!
  6. Gender reveal party- Look into all the amazing things there are to do, I wish I did, we found out at the doctors
  7. Plan to have a Maternity Photo Shoot- This is the biggest one I regret not doing.
  8. Talk to your baby- Even though it seems like its weird, I wish I would have enjoyed having him in my belly.
  9. Before giving birth, SLEEP- I was given this advice and did not listen, you will need it.
  10. Smile- Your doing a magnificent job.

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